Our Beliefs

We Believe In… 


Welcoming— We welcome you with open hearts, open minds and open door

  • We invite all people, including those who have been put down, pushed around, stuck, troubled, conflicted, wounded, or seeking.
  • We value hospitality.  We welcome everyone, as they are.
  • We are intergenerational, celebrating the youngest, the oldest, and all those in-between. We value children as vital and central to our ministry and community.

 Authenticity— We strive to be more authentic, as individuals and as a community of faith.

  •  We are a Christ-centered church, and believe that following the teachings and example of Jesus will lead to a more meaningful life and bring us closer to God.
  •  We celebrate our differences and put them to good use.
  •  We believe church should be versatile and relevant to nourish and inspire all who are present.

Transformation— We can be transformed, healed and made whole.

  • We believe spiritual exploration leads to transformation and healing for our selves, our relationships, our families, our community, and the world.
  • We are a community of faith providing real opportunities for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.  We believe liberation, healing and belonging are available in Christ.

Empowerment— We are empowered and equipped for spiritual growth through education and experience.

  • We encourage spiritual development through prayer, scripture, worship, music, scholarship, outreach, fellowship, stewardship, and small groups;
  • We value quality learning opportunities and programs that target all ages and stages of faith development.
  • We value the creation of sacred space that is energized, contemplative, uplifting, creative, thought provoking, joyous, practical, and soul-stirring.

Relationships— We focus on building relationships with God and neighbor.

  • We are a church family who gathers to build healthy relationships, pray together, have fun, practice kindness and compassion, experience the Spirit in multiple ways, serve others, spread hope, and draw on the deep well of God’s love.

Service—  God lives in and loves all of creation.

Jesus offers a perfect model of care and compassion.

The Holy Spirit moves us to mend brokenness in the world.

  • We recognize that faith and spirituality are experienced at times and in places outside of Sunday morning worship. The energy and gifts gathered throughout the diverse life of the church should be taken beyond the church walls for local and global mission.
  • We respect and honor God’s sacred creation through wise stewardship practices.

We will serve those who are oppressed or in need,  as agents  of peace, hope and love.